The safety of purchasing followers

Is buying instagram followers safe?

Is buying instagram followers safe

However, despite this nice + 67%, Apple does not hold the palm of stronger growth. This means in effect … Facebook, which saw its value soar 99% – as many say it has doubled – up by nine places and now occupies the 12th place. There are many safe ways for users to buy instagram followers online at the cheapest prices, you only have to be careful and search for legit websites that won’t steal your account private information.

This success owes nothing to any ‘social network effect “because its competitors in the field, namely LinkedIn and Twitter are respectively on the downside: -2% and -17%. It is good analysis Millward Brown, “the rewards of a successful strategy (acquisition of Instagram in 2012, WhatsApp in 2014), a strong advertising monetization (more than two million active advertisers worldwide ) and successful mobile consumer experience (75% of French connect to Facebook from their mobile device). ”

Some words, again, before revealing the top 100 for note entry shattering of Alibaba, directly in 13th place, just ahead … Amazon. The king of e-commerce, now, we will say it is Alibaba, with a valuation of $ 66 billion (62 billion Amazon) following a successful IPO in New York in 2014. Consecutive, above all, an extremely strong hold “on a gigantic domestic market, captive (80% of online purchases in China are made via a site Alibaba) and growth (230 million new Chinese Internet users are expected by end of 2015 ). ”

Safety, sharing information or forward-looking, the “big data” are a wealth of information that the web giants – Amazon, Google, Facebook … – have developed and mastered. So much so that no distributor can now ignore.
Exponential. The rate of accumulation and the amount of data available continues to grow, making obsolete the traditional market analyzes. In order to refine and build on this gigantic mass of raw information, retailers are turning to big data (big data or in good French). Security databases to inventory management via a dematerialized shares of the supply chain, through the analysis of consumer buying reflexes, bulk or on very specific targets, Big Data with her fan application is as the new analytical oracle of modern commerce.

Thierry Petit, founder of, has taken the plunge there are now more than three years to put order in its shopping website data “Between emails, sales data, or KPIs webtraffic business, we had tools in all directions without having a 360 °. “The basic idea was to develop predictive tools. “The feedback was very good, larger than expected, and the installation did not create interference with our business. When one has to manage millions of data, the information is very difficult to classify. Big Data and highly visual tools allow us today to improve our business internally while helping our partner brands understand their clients. “